Pick Up the Pieces and Go Home

Yeah, I’m quoting Fleetwood Mac, so what?

Once again, I’m going to skip right over the excuses for why I’ve been gone so long. Chances are, you’ve already forgotten about this little blog and have moved onto TMZ or something much racier and pop culture-y. S’all good, I don’t hate you for it. But I’m gonna do my damnedest to get your attention again, so I’m-a start dancin’!

I’ll admit, though, it’s kinda weird to rev the engine on this thing again while in some ways, it feels like the world is coming down around our ears right now. But if there were ever a time to open the lines of communication and start reaching across borders, it’s now. And today I’m going to ask what you, as an artist, is supposed to do when the events in the world make everything else seem pretty fuckin’ trivial. Continue reading