Get a New Map

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“This is a map of Illinois, which we’re in. On the border of Iowa, which is where Davenport is; 22 mileS away. You’re in the wrong state. Get yourself a new map.”

I’ll tell you something, I feel like I’m in the wrong state. Continue reading

At Least They’re Doing (It, Something, Anything)

Well, today’s the last day of 2012, so it feels appropriate to knock out one last post that includes a plan of action. Don’t misunderstand me – this isn’t my New Year’s Resolution list. But the whole point of this blog has been to analyze and then move forward, right? Only you can tell me how I’ve done so far, but I think I’ve done a decent job.

Today’s topic is going to dig deep into my psyche, back to a place I was some years back; a time that I may have developed some not-so-good habits and helped set up where I’m at today. Continue reading

On FB Quips and De-valuing Truths

I’m not into disclaimers, but I feel this should have something of an intro. I got home from work late, after a long day and a facebook post just set me off. I will admit, I had a couple of beers before as well. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not trying to excuse it, these are all very valid points and I stand firmly behind it. But, as I post it, my vigor has moved to other things and I just want to make it clear where this is coming from.

To all of you who think it’s cute to say things like “What’s the point of gun control? Drugs (weed, heroin, crystal meth) are illegal and people still do them. What does making it illegal change? People will always find ways to do them.” Continue reading

When Tragedy Strikes

This is going to be short. I’m not taking advantage of the situation; I just feel this is a better way to approach it without making some throwaway FB post. Besides, this blog is a way to archive my own history, it makes sense to mark this day.

I’m not pushing any kind of agenda, unless you want to call a general call of respect and understanding an agenda. Maybe it is.

All I really want to say is that today’s event is a tragedy that will be remembered as a piece of tragic, unnecessary events that shocked and appalled our nation. And it seems when events like this happen (it kills me to say that) people are understandably horrified, angered, saddened and any other number of descriptives.

But as I watch facebook and the news to find out information, it seems like these events end up turning us against each other, rather than giving us common ground to stand on. We all have our own thoughts and ideas about how to handle this situation, as well as how to prevent it from happening again.

More often than not, however, we get defensive. We let our intense feelings of grief and anger and despair fuel us.

There’s nothing wrong with healthy discourse. But when we move into stalemate and inaction, it becomes a dangerous result. If we throw our hands up and say “Some people are just fucked up, I guess,” than we can certainly expect something like this to happen again.

I know how completely fucked today is and was. I know how awful and hopeless many of us feel about this.

But we have to use these opportunities to move forward and make life better for all of us. This isn’t something that just hit Connecticut. This isn’t just about children or schools. This isn’t just about guns and mental illness. If we don’t discuss and consider and understand and debate in a healthy way, this will simply become another tragedy we’ll remember years from now and lament the loss of life this day.

All I’m saying is we can’t let this become some kind of divisive issue. This can’t become about red vs. blue or, once again, we’ll allow some silly tag stand in the way of the kind of progress that’s meant to protect ourselves and our children.

My heart is broken today and I didn’t even lose anyone close to me. I can’t begin to imagine how brutal this is for the families in Newton. If you’d like to start the conversation here, please do so in the comments below.

#Hater’s Ball

I’m opening a can of worms here, friends. Grab a bucket and get ready to grab a few.

My girlfriend recently went vegan. Not necessarily forever, but regardless, that’s what it is for now. We had to lay out some groundrules, as I told her I wasn’t going to do the same. But to be honest, it brought up a lot for me that I really hadn’t thought about in a while. Continue reading

The Virtues of Louis C.K.

I try not to gush often. My bubble over meeting “famous people” was popped some time back and since then, I don’t hold my breath. There are a few people still on my list that might still give me the yips, but I don’t see any chance of that happening, so I’m not overly concerned.

Now, before you assume too much, based on the picture above and what I just said, I didn’t meet Louis C.K.. I did go see him Friday night in Athens, though. And I gotta admit, something odd happened. Continue reading

Make It (work, rain, count, etc.)

Alright, y’all. Buckle up. We’re going to dig deep here, folks. This is a discussion that’s been burning me up for a while now and I think it’ll be good for both of us if I just go ahead and say it.

A couple weeks ago, I showed up to practice where we were down two members. This is not an uncommon occurrence; sometimes it’s difficult to nail four people with jobs and families down on a weekday. It’s not a big deal, we all get along really well and if practice turns into a few beers and some conversation, there’s a good chance something good will come of it.

This particular night, I felt compelled to start asking the tough questions, for reasons that will be made clear. We were a couple beers down and suddenly I blurted out “What are we doing, DK?” Continue reading