It’s All About Style

I’m starting with a term that I typically can’t stand. Style. Not because I don’t like the word, but because it’s been so overused and bastardized and adopted by so many sources. There’s a magazine. A network. It makes me think of Joan Rivers critiquing every star on their way to the Oscars.

And yet, for an Artist, style is important. It’s arguably the MOST important. Let me explain. Continue reading

Drop and Gimme Twenty!

Alright. I’ve had it.

Enough of the whining, the sad bastard, the making excuses, the avoiding responsibility. Like many things, it must come to an end.

I’m tired. Tired of a lot of things. Tired of my appearance, my job, my perceived lot in life. Tired of coming here and unloading on you, dear reader, almost like I expect you to give me an answer. Sure, letting it out is good for the soul, but the seemingly constant stream of Woe Is Me gets old.

As the title implies, this is really about Discipline, a word I’ve tended to avoid and despise. Continue reading

Risky Business

(Ed. note: I started this article about risk taking weeks ago and never posted it. How
‘s that for irony?)

Hello all, it’s been far too long. Life reared it’s beautiful head and I couldn’t say no.

Let me check in quickly – my film just got accepted to the Dixie International Film Festival, shortly after we screened it to a crowd of about 100. The reception has been good and we’re very excited about it. In addition, we’re working on writing a feature and going through the process in a very methodical manner, which for some of us is a brush up and for others an introduction.

But today I want to talk about Risk and the taking of. A thought struck me today that I don’t take enough risks and I suddenly am somewhat regretful of it. I mean, I can’t say I take no risks across the board. I write this blog and expose some intimate thoughts. I have been shooting and working on my art work as a director. I’ve been getting more jobs that make me reach beyond my comfort zone and taking them on without a whole lot of fear.

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